The R&D department, founded in 2012, deals with the design of the product, with the mission to innovate and customize any formulation based on the needs of the customer.

R&D / Innovation

The department has a very comprehensive instrument that allows to analyse any characteristic of solid dosage forms.

The service offered is complete: starting from the "therapeutic" area of interest, it develops from the ingredients selection, their association with modern production techniques to ensure product performance such as stability, release of the active, bioavailability, efficacy.

The R&D is constantly working on new forms of pharmaceutical carriers, sometimes very innovative and experimental ever seen on the market.
It is also constant the collaboration of the Department with various universities and hospital division in the area, in order to deepen the knowledge of the products studied by in vivo and in vitro tests that ensure their functionality.

It is possible to produce pilot batches to evaluate the physical parameters and sensory characteristics of the products; the laboratory is also equipped with environmental chambers following the parameters according to ICH, for long-term and accelerated stability tests.

Regulatory affairs

The company is also able to provide assistance to all customers that includes legislative assistance continuously updated focused on the drafting of labels, the choice of traditional and innovative raw materials, on the formulation preparation and the best classification products.

Thanks to the collaboration with a consulting external regulatory, Nutrilinea offers direct assistance at the Ministry of Health offices.
It also provides a complete technical and scientific support for the development and commercialization of medical devices, supported by the drafting of the technical dossier and of all the specific documents.

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